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Tale of the butterfly

By Rebecca R Nye


Do you believe
in miracles?

Seeing is believing... and believing can make all the difference.

God surprised Lynne with many miracles—healing, love, protection, and provision. If God did it for Lynne, He can do it for you! Ask, seek, and knock on God’s door, and you will find amazing answers and purpose for your life.

Based on a true story.

I enjoyed your book so much. It is very unusual for me to sit and read in the afternoon. Once I started your book, I couldn’t put it down. I saw another side to the Lord that I never really saw before— a God that likes to play. It’s a beautiful image. It is quite amazing how God’s love transforms us and you just want everyone to experience that. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone could experience a personal relationship with our Sovereign God. Thanks so much for sharing your book with me. (“Tale of the Butterfly”) emanates the joy of the Lord.
— Anna Armstrong
Great read!
I read it by the pool at camp on Monday! It was uplifting and full of Scripture!
— Karen Gilmore

About Rebecca R Nye

Rebecca R Nye is the mother of two adult sons, Matthew and Aaron and has been married 30 years to her husband, Dan. They reside in Dallas, Texas.

Her passion is for everyone (John 3:16) to know how wonderful and loving our God is and that He still does miracles today. She desires to help encourage others in their relationship with Jesus Christ as their best friend.

One of Rebecca's interests include serving on the prayer ministry team at her church for which she's so grateful. Additionally, she's competing in her first Raw USA Powerlifting meet this year. To God be the glory (Romans 16:25)!

Previous to writing Rebecca worked as a chemical engineer (BSChE), obtained a Masters in Business (MBA), and a Masters in Counselor Education (MEd).

Radio Interview

Interview held on 10/22/2018

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